Put inkjet-stencil ink made from pigments such as methyl violet, a regular tattoo stencil, into the Epson Eco Tank printer, print it on a private paper, apply inkjet-stencil settling agent to the area where the printed stencil results will be transferred, and transfer the printed stencil to the skin. Inkjet-stencil ink is an ink made compatible with Epson Eco Tank.

All Epson EcoTank printer models are available.

As a model I recommend,
Epson M2170
Scan/copy is possible, with a powerful output speed of up to 20ipm and the most advanced printer head system for sophisticated printing and preventing head blockages when the printer is not in use for a long time.
Wireless & Mobile Printing Support.

Epson M1120
It’s a compact and cost-effective product because it only has printer functions.
Wireless & Mobile Printing Support.

No, it must be used for a new printer.

Mixing with other ink may cause the printer head to block and cause a failure. Is it possible to refill only the black tank among the 4 tanks?
Sometimes, there are people who only use black, like black and gray. Even if you only use black, please fill all 4 ink tanks with ink.

It depends on the output, but in 4oz ink, approximately 3000 stencils are printed.

Normal A4 paper or wet paper can also be used, but the clarity of the transcription is very poor.
The Pacon Tracing Paper is a product that has been specially developed in the U.S. for the purpose-built for inkjet stencils.

Images are printed in the same way as regular printers. When the Black or Full Color option is selected, it is printed in one tank or in all four tanks. Use image editors such as Photoshop to adjust brightness, brightness, and size to test with the best results.

Stencils printed on paper can be used at any time without time limit.

Stencils transferred to the skin may vary depending on the skill of the operator, but the inkjet stencil lasts a little longer than the stencil method worked with the existing line. Allow the stencil to dry enough and wait for 3 to 5 minutes to transfer to last longer.

Yes, it’s available.

However, the Stencil-prep® product is optimized for better skin delivery of stencils printed with inkjet-stencil ink.

The system is not designed for carry-on use. However, it is possible if you use your car! 

If it is not genuine ink under Epson policy, A/S is not possible, so we cannot receive formal A/S.

Inkjet-stencil ink is compatible with the Epson EcoTank printer. We sell inkjet stencil from our headquarters in the U.S. as a general manager in Korea, and we are not responsible for any warranty and compensation for the print you used.

만약 프린터기의 A/S가 필요할 경우, 일반 사설 Eco Tank 수리업체에서 하시길 바라겠습니다. 

Please check the remaining amount of ink first and fill it up and print it out again if there is not enough ink left.
If you have enough ink left, please clean the head and nozzles.Please be careful because unnecessary head cleaning and nozzle cleaning can be too much for the printer.